Dream Interpretation?

I need help. I dreamt this the other night:

I had a pet shark. A great white to be precise.

I had raised him since birth so he had no natural predatory instincts (which I know doesn’t really happen, but it was a dream, I had no control!)

I had decided that I needed to release him into the wild, but first I needed to teach him how to hunt.

What is the best way to teach him how to hunt you ask? Well I am glad you asked.

In my dream, the best way to teach him how to hunt was to pretend to be a seal and have him chase me. and try to eat me.

He would chase after me, me flailing around like a seal, but he wouldn’t bite me and I was angry with him.

(meanwhile my right mind is screaming at my dreamself, “are you insane?!? hellooooo, shark!”)

After I woke up I had two thoughts:

1. Was that a dream or a nightmare?

2. I never named my pet shark.

That morning when I stumbled out of the bedroom and towards the coffeemaker to find the groom eating his cereal. He greeted me sweetly,

(groom) “Hey Squirmy”

(me) “Squirmy?”

(groom) “What were you dreaming about last night, you were squirming all over the place, kicking me, flailing your arms…”

(me) “oh, I was pretending to be a seal so my pet shark would eat me”

Any interpretations?

love, sam.

4 thoughts on “Dream Interpretation?

  1. What? It makes total sense! You will have a very active and smart and strong boy and you will risk your life sometimes training him up and it will be frustrating sometimes. DUH??

    I love you too :)

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