30ft High Five

I went on a retreat in September. The teaching was incredible.

The worship was incredible.

The people were incredible.

Your typical, incredible retreat.

Something that was not so typical were my afternoon freetime activities with my younger sister.

Have you ever climbed up a 30 foot telephone pole, stood on the top, jumped off and high fived a huge mitt as you fell?

say what?!

the High Five is a 30 foot telephone pole you have to climb to the top of, stand on top of and jump of the top. of…

Needless to say it seemed like a bad idea. And Doods decided we should go for it.

say wha??!?

She went first, clamored right up and sat on the top of the pole.

She jumped right off like a champ.

Then it was my turn. I clamored right up and squatted on the top of the pole. I squatted on the top of a 30 foot pole for a little too long. then I slowly stood! take a look at the pictures on the righthand side of the page. there we are!

Have you ever felt so much adrenaline coursing through your body that you cannot walk straight?

that’s what a 30 foot high five will do to you.

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