date night

Last night was date night. dinner and a movie, our favorite date night. It was also a night of many Halloween parties. But we chose date night because that’s what you do when you are both working insane hours and traveling for work. You choose date night. Because if you choose other people and parties, eventually you are on a date night and realize, you don’t really know each other all that well anymore and would rather be spending time with other people. And that is something we never want to be.

After sushi at Niwano Hana (our fave sushi spot), we were on our way to the theater when I realized:

I am cold.

I am wet.

I am sleepy.

I want to go home and watch a movie on the couch and cuddle.

Luckily, the groom felt the same way.

So we did and it ended up being a beautiful date-night-in. Some might call us boring, but I call us content, happy, at peace and confident in who we are and in each other. Of course, we didn’t go home right away – we had to stop and pick up some necessities:

candy corn. hershey’s kisses. sour patch kids. reeses peanut butter cups.

candy-holics on a date-night-in. We may not be perfect, but we at least we are all hopped up on sugar together. Happy Halloween!

One thought on “date night

  1. Love it! So true, sometimes just being together is all that matters… Cherish those times together With your busy schedules you need to be deliberate about making that a priority. It’s fun to stay in touch with what you guys are doing.

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