Do you speak husband?

I have been married for almost four years now. Which is crazy because I still feel like a kid in so many ways. Four years is a long time (and somehow at the same time, no time at all). Almost long enough to become fluent in “husband”.

or “caveman”.

Not sure which language it is that I am trying to learn. In my case, they are one and the same. I married a Caveman.

If you know the Cavemen, you know that they:

-love fiercly

-give generously

-are never boring

-very active

-never stop talking

-excitable and always exciting to be with

-the funniest men you will ever meet

These characteristics play a huge role in understanding the language of husband. If you know me, you know that I am nowhere near being fluent in either language. And you also know that the Caveman and I don’t share all of the same characteristics listed above. But, if practice makes perfect, I have many years ahead to learn, study and memorize this language.

Looking forward to many more years with my Caveman.

3 thoughts on “Do you speak husband?

  1. The funny thing about the language of husband is that it is very inconsistant! But since you are a much better student that I am you will probably excell at it!! :)

    I love you and your Caveman dearly!!!!!

  2. You are a funny and a very creative woman. I just loved following your blog. As another wife of a Caveman, of 28 years, I can empathize with your adventure, called marriage. My list would have to include one more ingredient, that being ADD. I will close with a quote from my “husband” being married to a Cave is a guarantee that you will be, “never bored, always embarrassed”

  3. You are too much, one very creative woman, and so much fun to follow. Yup! you are definitely the “wife” I was praying for for Ryan since he was a very little boy…

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