A Valentine’s Day Gift

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

This is about a month late, but I did not even think about blogging about it until today (maybe I am not cut out to be a blogger??). Anyways, Vday this year was really nice. The hubs got me flowers and a fancy box of chocolates.

SIDE NOTE: if you know anything at all about me, know this: i LOVE fancy boxes of chocolates, with the little maps that tells you which chocolate is which. I just LOVE them.

So, since you now know me, you know that flowers and a fancy box of chocolates is all I could ever want for Valentine’s Day. My man did good!

What he did even better though, was he not only got me flowers and a fancy box of chocolates, but he also got my sister the same. If you have been following our saga you know that my sister moved in with us in August. She is job searching in the area and it is taking her longer than she would like, but that is true for everyone right now. She and the hubs have very different communication skills, live their lives in two very different ways and generally don’t see things eye to eye, not in a bad way, but just in different ways. So, when he bought her a box of chocolates, my heart soared.

What a man!

The best gift he gave me this year was buying a gift for my sister.

Right about now, you are probably asking yourself, what did Sam get the hubs for Vday? Good question. I tried to get him a gift certificate to get a massage at a spa down the road. But he didn’t want it. So, after my first gift was rejected (still learning to speak caveman ;)), I went with my first idea, which I didn’t think was nearly as good. I decided that I would give him a half marathon.

me and him. running a half marathon.

You should have seen his face! His wife? Running a half marathon?! I don’t think I have ever gotten him a better present.

So stay tuned. I am running a half marathon at the end of May. To date, I haven’t run farther than 3.3 miles…

Happy Vday to me!

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