And she just keeps running


Last time I wrote I shared with you that my first 8 mile run was a bit of a doozy.

Before this run, I had only ever run 6.2 miles. SO, 8 was a bit of a stretch. And I felt it. I also seem to decide to run farther than ever before on a hot and muggy and yucky day. So, there I am running, running the route Ryan told me to run. Around mile 4 I run right into some construction. The sidewalk is closed. Well, I can’t turn back (I have to run a half marathon in a month), so I run right through the construction, dodging cars and cones. Technically I walked and jumped and hopped through construction cones and cars (it felt a little bit like being in frogger).

I pass this obstacle and keep going. By this time I am getting close to finishing mile 5 and I am feeling alright, trying to conserve my water. Well, as I run by a Krispy Kreme (torture), I see a HUMONGOUS bumble bee coming straight for me. I have a completely irrational and unmanageable fear of bees. I say to myself, “don’t worry, it will fly right by you, just. keep. running.” And sure enough I see it fly right by my ear. AND GET STUCK IN MY HAIR.

I instantly tense every muscle in my body and start shaking my head around. I am not sure when the little monster freed itself, because somewhere between the tensing and shaking, I strained a muscle in my side. Searing pain shoots up my side. SIDE CRAMP!

Well, it took me half a mile of walking to stretch out my side cramp. I walked for awhile, realized how long it was taking me to run 8 miles and starting running again and ran the rest of the way! Now on to 9 miles.

and then I was getting dangerously close to my half marathon and running out of time! My weekends were full and my weeknights were too late to run long distances. So, after a long weekend of trainings and wedding festivities, I ran 10 miles with my friend Heather. We ran down a beautiful trail and ran 8 and I knew, it was now or never. I had to do 10 miles if I was going to do a run that was in the double digits in mileage before my half:

I forgot to take this photo right away, so I am excited and not sweaty! I am excited because my half is a week away! No more long runs. Half marathon here I come.


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