Half Marathon


I did it! I ran a half marathon! The hubs family came into town for the weekend. The reason any of us run is because of my husband’s father, Mike. The man loves to run. He wanted to see his sons run this half. What a fun weekend! Friday night, I was in my friend Natalie’s wedding (see May 25 of Project 366) and it was a beautiful night!

Saturday we relaxed, went to the pool and ate a lot of pasta (carb load before the race!).

Sunday morning came. We woke up before the sun rose and started eating power bars. I have a hard time eating anything in the morning, but especially power bars. We all pile in the cars, get on the road and my friend Sam calls me asking me if I remembered to grab her bib number (Heather had gone to the expo and picked up everyone’s race packets). Well, I had forgotten it. The other two cars of runners continue on and my friend Merrill and I fly back home, grab the bib number and I get around the beltway in record time (Rockville to Alexandria in around 25 minutes…HELLO!)

The race starts, we run. It is HOT. It is MUGGY.  It is YUCKY. and we keep running. and running. People are passing out, being rushed to the emergency room. and I keep running!

Well, I might have walked some. more than some. But it was HOT and MUGGY!

We all finished though!

My friend Sam ran with me the first 8 miles and then I told her to run ahead (she is waaaaaay faster than me). and I kept running! The huz, his brother and sam ran with me the last quarter of a mile. They had all finished running 20 minutes to an hour before me :) As we are running, I hear Sam say, “Hey guys, I am going to run ahead, that woman up there is about to pass out”. And sure enough, as Sam picks up the pace I see her approaching a woman wobbling, swaying and about to fall over. Sam (an ER nurse) gets to her just in time, takes her over to the sidewalk, sits her down and gets her some wanter until EMS shows up.

My friends are awesome! Running races and saving lives.

Although it was a terrible course (very repetitive) and really hot (low 90s and high, high humidity), I loved it! I definitely want to run another half.

Perhaps the Baltimore half in October?

we will see…  !!!


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