Ready or not…the west coast beckons

Well, it is official. The huz and I are moving to San Francisco.

We leave next week for a house hunting trip…kinda crazy.


We are:






We mainly cannot believe it is finally happening. After thinking we were going to move a year ago, here we are, actually moving! It has been hard letting people here in DC know, and exciting letting our friends and family on the west coast know. Obviously, I don’t know how I feel about it all just yet.


What I do know is:

I am excited for this next adventure.

I am not excited about finding a new job.

I am going to LOVE the weather.

I am going to miss my friends.

I cannot wait to explore the redwood forests.

I did not get a chance to explore every inch of DC like I had planned.

I know that this is what God wants for us

I am excited to be a short plane ride from my parents.

I am sad to leave my sister in DC.

I am VERY excited about wine tastings in Napa Valley.

I am feeling queasy thinking about the need to find a new church.

I know that all adventures with the huz are so incredibly fun and exciting.

I know that God is in control and knows exactly why we are moving.


And that is why I am excited, more than anything else.

So, here we go! Next stop, house hunting trip… (here comes that queasy feeling again…San Fran is so dang expensive!).



5 thoughts on “Ready or not…the west coast beckons

  1. Amen to all you are feeling… I am excited for what God has for you… sad for the distance it will put between us… and “knowing” the high cost of living over there… I am entrusting you into His hands – as you continue in His Will, knowing that He is above all… and is able to make a way for you. We miss you all ready…there is a pain in my chest right now even as I think about it… but I trust in the One who is leading you…
    Love you both so much! Can’t wait to see you at Thanksgiving!

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