Another Half Marathon anyone?

We are settled in and so far loving San Francisco. We are still missing all our friends and with only working 30 hours a week, I am getting a little bored.

The huz came home one day from work last week and told me that some guys in his office are running a half marathon and asked him if he wanted to join in.

(Huz) “Do you want to run the half as well?”

(me) “uhhhh…let me think about it. I kinda want too, but it is just so darn hilly here…”

(Huz) “Well, there is also a 7 mile race if you would rather?”

the next day…

I was feeling adventurous/daring/crazy/nuts. So when the huz asked again, I said:

(me) “Yah, let’s do it! I want to run the half, not the 7miler!” [what?? why did I say that??]

Well, in April, we are running the Marin Headlands Half Marathon…in the hills…in the headlands.

This is what I get for complaining about boredom. My mom always told me that there is no reason to be bored. I am only bored because I choose to be. I guess I won’t be bored anymore now that I will be running. a lot.

The huz made me a running schedule. Here we go!

sam ♥

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