my thoughts on moving

If you have moved before, you know the thoughts/feelings/emotions that go along with it.

-You miss your friends terribly

-You are excited to explore a new area

-You are excited about being closer to your parents

-You are sad about being further from your husband’s parents.

-You are anxious about starting new routines

-You are excited about new routines, new hiking trails, new restaurants

Obviously, it is a lot of mixed emotions.

Well, we have been here now for over 4 months and I can say one thing for sure. The beauty of Northern California definitely helps me cope:


a sunset as we drove home from Napa.


driving home from Monterey.


my view from my patio.

You know what helps the most? Divine Intervention. The huz’s best friend from middle school lives out here with his wonderful wife. The huz hasn’t really even spoken to him since middle school and he just happens to be here. Another friend, who grew up just miles from the huz’s lives out here with her fiance and we have already met some other couples. This isn’t normal for me when I move. It usually takes me awhile to feel settled and have friend dates lined up. It is throwing a curveball in my moving theory.

I have this theory – its takes a solid two years before a place feels like home. The first year, everything is foreign and you need a map to find all your new stores, shops, stylists, and doctors. The second year, you reevaluate some of these things until you get it just right. This is the abbreviated version of my theory.

I think that theory still stands, but I would be lying if I said it was this easy to feel comfortable in DC. It took me two plus years to begin to like DC, and even then, it was just like, not love.

Will San Fran become love? I’m not sure yet. What I can tell you is this, I know this move was what God had planned from the beginning and I am excited to see how He uses it in our lives. I am excited to make new friends, explore new places and be back on the West Coast.

♥ sam

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