Moms and multi-tasking

I am not bragging, I am just going to state that I have always been able to multi-task fairly well, whether at work, school, home, etc… The times I don’t multi-task very well is when I am wholly focused on something that has captivated me in a way that literally turns everything else dark and I stop hearing/seeing/acknowledging what is happening around me – this usually involves a good book.

Things I don’t do well:

1. All sports

2. Use my time wisely (I am a chronic procrastinator)

3. Math


Back to multi-tasking:

When #cavebaby came earlier this year and I decided to work from home, I thought:

“This is going to be tough, but I am a pretty good multi-tasker.”

“I am kind of excited to see how this goes. I hope my bosses don’t come to hate me.”

“Attention to details is my thing. I can spoon feed #cavebaby peas while sending an email.”


I have come to the realization that being a mom has made me a worse multi-tasker. I am not sure why I thought I would become better at it. That somehow being a mom would change me fundamentally. It definitely did, but adding a whole new dimension of responsibility and the ultimate distraction (a cute baby) is not the way to become a better multi-tasker.

Instead it redefined how I view everything I do and am apart of – in good ways and bad ways. I see value in my work, I strive to give my best, but in the end, my employment has gone from third on my list of importance to fourth, replaced by something that is time consuming and adorable and relies on me for his survival.

I am learning from this and I am understanding that life is different now and I am looking forward to how it continues to change me and make me better.



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