“Am I Enough?”

I have only been a mom for three months but I already resonate with this. I am also beyond thankful for a mom that put me and my sister before the tasks that needed to be accomplished.

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Barren to Beautiful

This week my husband walks in the door after a long day at work to find: dishes piled in the sink, laundry all over the living room, the beef for dinner still in a frozen block, and me…looking like Frump Queen. He is gracious. And tells me to take a nap. I instantly obey. (Inwardly rejoicing.) And while I am sleeping for 45 minutes, he manages to clean the whole house…while watching our daughter. (A feat I clearly was incapable of accomplishing today. Many days.)

One part of my feels grateful the house is clean. I can relax now, right? But the other (bigger) part of me feels guilty and defeated. He just worked the whole day at his job, and then came home and did mine, too. Isn’t this why I am staying home? 

Every day I have this desire to accomplish something. But every day it feels I accomplish nothing. I…

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“I hope that one day you will see and read with your own eyes”

Happy Earth Day!


I have had the opportunity to visit and/or live in some incredibly beautiful places around our world and believe me when I say I am never more in awe of God and His wonders than when I take time to appreciate all of His creation.

Currently we are living in San Francisco and I have come to know of a man and appreciate his love of God’s creation – John Muir. Muir did SO much to protect and preserve the beauty of Northern California and I am so thankful for that. Have you been to Yosemite? Muir Woods? Driven along the Pacific Coast Highway? We have so much to be in awe of and the fact that much of it is untouched by man’s tendency to taint God’s beauty here in NorCal is due to John Muir. I feel the closest to God when I am out in His creation.

My mom came to visit a few weeks ago when #cavebaby was born (a blog post to come about our new little nugget!) and while she was here we drove to Stinson Beach and stopped in at a small bookstore. While there she bought me a gift – musings/quotes by John Muir – and I felt like sharing this one with you today:


Here at the Right Moment

“Look at that, now. Why, it looks as if these giants

of God’s great army had just now marched into their stations;

every one placed just right, just right!

What landscape gardening! What a scheme of things!

And to think that [God] should plan to bring us feckless creatures here at the right moment, and then flash such glories at us!

Man, we’re not worthy of such honor!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”



“I am sitting here in a little shanty made of sugar pine shingles this Sabbath evening. I have not been at church a single time since leaving home. Yet this glorious valley might well be called a church, for every lover of the great Creator who comes within the broad overwhelming influences of the place fails not to worship as they never did before. The glory of the Lord is upon all God’s works; it is written plainly upon all the fields of every clime, and upon every sky, but here in this place of surpassing glory the Lord has written in capitals. I hope that one day you will see and read with your own eyes.”



A list worth reading.

This has been circulating Facebook the last few days and I finally read it this morning. I recommend reading it!


20 Things I Wish I’d Known in My Late Twenties | RELEVANT Magazine.