The huz and I have a really great problem to have. We love both of our families a lot. like, really, really a lot.

And we typically can only go see one of them for the holidays and only for one holiday at that. Which is hard because we want to see our families all the time.

Mt Gran and #cavebaby

My Gran and #cavebaby

My family is in the PNW and his is in New England, so we can only pick one each year.

#gohawks #gopats

More often than not we are not able to travel home for Thanksgiving. So, we started inviting friends over for T-giving a few years ago. A #Friendsgiving if you will.

#Friendsgiving is something I look forward to now, instead of being sad that I cannot be with family. What a gift to gather with friends who cannot be with family and celebrate, overeat and be thankful together.

Getting the serving dishes ready.

Getting the serving dishes ready.

This year several friends are coming over. I am cooking a turkey, something that still scares me. A 23lb. turkey. But, I am excited for the parade, for food, for my baby’s first celebration, for more food, some football, putting on some old maternity pants and eating more food.

I made my Gran’s Cornbread Dressing today. I love a great family recipe. Of course, she makes it the best, but it is a decent attempt at a taste of home when I can’t be with her on Thanksgiving.

My Gran's DELISH Cornbread Dressing

My Gran’s DELISH Cornbread Dressing

Requirements for #Friendsgiving:

  1. Everyone has a dish (whether they make it or they give me the recipe and I make it) that is their fave dish from childhood. Something delicious and nostalgic. Nostalgia is delicious to me.
  2. TONS of leftovers. Because doesn’t everyone want to take leftovers home?
  3. We watch the parade (if you’re over in the morning) and we watch football all afternoon (#GOHAWKS)

So, remember to be thankful, whoever you’re with and wherever you are. There is always a bright side. Look for it this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. Don’t get caught in a Yam/Potato landslide at the grocery store. Excessive Safeway? I think so.



Pineapple Sorbet

This was so easy and so delicious.


I found this recipe on Pinterest, but originally it was posted on this Blog.

Detoxinista has lot’s of great recipes that I haven’t tried yet, but this one I tried and it was GOOD. I just love that it is only three ingredients. Depending on how well you know me, you know I have a sensitive digestive system. And as I get older, I am taking this a little more seriously (not too seriously since I had pizza last night since wheat and dairy are two of my arch nemeses.) But, I am a work in progress!

And this dessert/snack/delight is a step in the right direction! I guess it isn’t technically a sorbet, but that is what it tastes like to me…The detoxinista calls it Pineapple Whip.

You should also know that I have included the original recipe, but with my notes. I rarely have the exact ingredients for things, so I improvised, but it was still really, really tasty.


1 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, chopped and frozen (I opted for the frozen pineapple chunks from Trader Joe’s).

1 cup almond milk (The Detoxinista makes her own, and the recipe is on her website. I haven’t tried that yet, but it sounds awesome!)

1 TBSP honey (I used agave syrup instead and it was yummy. I haven’t tried it yet with honey.)


1. The frozen pineapple chunks should reach up to the 6.5-7 cup mark on your standard blender (I didn’t have enough pineapple, so I added a can of peaches, which was delicious, but wasn’t all natural…so I cheated…I did drain all the sugary juice though!)

sorbet post

2. The detoxinista recommends using a Vitamix blender, which I guess is a special high-speed blender? I used my Kitchenaid blender and it worked great.

(You will notice above that my kitchenaid is pink…when you go to Bed, Bath & Beyond and they have 20 different beautiful colors, but $20 of the pink one they donate towards finding a cure for breast cancer…well, it is hard not to choose the pink one. Now I have a pink blender.)

3. Just put the three ingredients in your blender and blend until you achieve a creamy, sorbet consistency!

sorbet post 2

NOTES: I have done this twice, the first time was a peach/pineapple sorbet. The second was a mango/pear (frozen mango chunks and a fresh pear cut up into bite sized pieces). Both were really good and so refreshing with summer right around the corner. I am excited to try some new flavors! I kinda want to add some coconut to one…

❤ sam

A face with a thousand meanings

The huz:


This face is saying at least two things:

1. Why is my wife using the crockpot on the patio to cook BBQ chicken?

2. I thought stuffed bell peppers were for dinner?! I LOVE stuffed bell peppers?!


(I was cooking the chicken for something else. Stuffed bell peppers were for dinner and they were scrumptious.)

(Also, the huz is looking GOOD.)

♥ sam